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Monthly Canarian Word

Your Monthly Canarian Word

Your Monthly Canarian Word : Palmetear To clap as a sign of enthusiasm or approval. Eg. El público palmeteaba sin parar cuando acabó el partido. – The fans were clapping non stop when the match finished. 2. To pat someone in the back as a sign of affection or encouragement. Eg.  Mucho palmetearlo por delante […]

Your Canarian

Your Canarian Word Of The Day

Your Canarian Word Of The Day: Bailar To rob or thief something.  Eg. Se metió en la casa de al lado y le bailó las prendas a la vecina.  She got into the neighbour’s house and thieved her items of clothing. To eat something very quickly. Eg. Le pusieron una bandeja llena de costillas y […]

Your Verb 21.2

Your Verb 21.2

Your Verb 21.2 Tener ganas de – To look forward to Eg. Tengo ganas de irme de viaje a Gran Canaria – I am looking forward to going away on holiday to Gran Canaria Yo tengo ganas de – I am looking forward to Tu tienes ganas de – You are looking forward to El/Ella […]

Canarian Expression 18.2

Canarian Expression 18.2

Your Canarian Expression 18.2: Dejense ver – Do come and visit us Eg. La próxima vez que estén por la zona, dejense ver – Next time you’re in the area, do come and visit us If you wish to see earlier words and expressions of the day, like your Canarian Expression 18.2, you can do […]

Primogeniture of Arucas

The Primogeniture of Arucas – Arucas Part 5

‘El Mayorazgo de Arucas’, translated into English as The Primogeniture of Arucas. It was an institution set up by Pedro Cerón, which ensured economic development at a time when the market was about to make a sudden shift.  His full name was Pedro Cerón y Ponce de León, born in Seville in 1515. He was the son of […]

Difference between por and para

The difference between Por and Para – Arucas Part 4

As you know there is a huge difference between por and para in Spanish even though both these words mean ‘for’. So which do you use and when? Let me tell you, last Saturday we organised a guided tour for a good number of people who wanted to practice their Spanish in real situations. So […]

Arucas Difference between saber and conocer

Arucas Series Part 2 – The difference between Saber and Conocer

Arucas Series Part 2 – The Difference between Saber and Conocer Do you know what is the difference between saber and conocer when both words mean to know? The difference between saber and conocer is in the video below, so I will not ruin it for you. Besides, you will understand the difference through the […]

Settle in Gran Canaria

Why Locals Can Help You Settle in Gran Canaria

There are many reasons why locals can help you settle in Gran Canaria. Many newcomers arrive with the idea of just lying on the beach, enjoying the weather they never had at home, while earning some money in an area they are comfortable with. They, however miss most of the cultural festivities, where most of […]

Castellano And Canario

The difference between ‘Castellano’ and ‘Canario’

If you have ever wondered whether there are many noticeable differences between castellano and canario when both refer to the same common language read right to the end and it will become very clear to you. There are quite a few, some of which are more noticeable than others. As mentioned in The Canarian Accent […]