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Weekly Verb

Your Weekly Verb

Your Weekly Verb: Preguntar – To ask Eg. ¿Por qué no le preguntas? – Why don’t you ask him? Yo pregunto – I ask Tu preguntas – You ask El/Ella pregunta – He/She asks Nosotros/as preguntamos – We ask Vosotros/as preguntais – You ask Ellos/as preguntan – They ask Can you make sentences with the […]

PR Spanish Conversation Meeting 29119

Puerto Rico Spanish Conversation Meeting 29th January

We invite anyone of any level or nationality to our FREE Spanish Conversation Meeting coming Tuesday!  We are looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday 29th January at the Spanish Conversation Meeting! Don’t forget that it is at 2pm in the Taj Palace Portonovo. After an initial encouraging group at the beginning of the year, […]

Canarian Word Of The Day FInca D'Osorio

Canarian Word Of The Day

Your Canarian Word Of The Day: Habilitar To fix, to prepare. – Eg. En un momento habilita el almuerzo para toda la familia. She prepares the food for the whole family in one moment. To look after domestic animals by feeding them or preparing their beds. – Eg. Hasta que no habilitan las vacas, no […]

Spanish Expression

Spanish Expression Of The Day

Your Spanish Expression Of The Day: Me temo que sí – I’m afraid so If you wish to see earlier expressions of the day, you can do so by going to our facebook page . Or if you would rather get them directly in your inbox just click here, and tell us what content you […]

Spanish Word

Spanish Word Of The Day

Your Spanish Word Of The Day: El principio – the beginning Eg. Al principio solo podia decir unas cuantas palabras, pero ahora ya puedo mantener una conversación normal. – At the beginning, I could only say a few counted words, but now I can hold a normal conversation. If you wish to see earlier words and […]

Castellano And Canario

The difference between ‘Castellano’ and ‘Canario’

If you have ever wondered whether there are many noticeable differences between castellano and canario when both refer to the same common language read right to the end and it will become very clear to you. There are quite a few, some of which are more noticeable than others. As mentioned in The Canarian Accent […]