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Origins of Carnival in Las Palmas

Origins Of Carnival In Las Palmas

Do you know about the origins of Carnival in Las Palmas? Have you ever been to the parade or the different galas? Have you seen how people get dressed up, enjoy the music, floats and atmosphere during Carnival? Do you know where it all comes from? Carnival as we know it today is a popular […]

Primogeniture of Arucas

The Primogeniture of Arucas – Arucas Part 5

‘El Mayorazgo de Arucas’, translated into English as The Primogeniture of Arucas. It was an institution set up by Pedro Cerón, which ensured economic development at a time when the market was about to make a sudden shift.  His full name was Pedro Cerón y Ponce de León, born in Seville in 1515. He was the son of […]

Patron Saint

How to say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish

So how do you say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish? The answer is not that different from the English. In fact if you apply a Spanish accent on the word ‘patron’, you will find that you have said it. Do not forget that the church in Arucas built in a neogothic style carries his […]