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20th Century Arucas

Entering 20th Century Arucas

Before entering 20th Century Arucas, a number of events determined its future commerce, economic growth and culture. Firstly, from the mid 19th Century there was a rise in the production of cochineal, due to its success in the foreign markets. The inhabitants of Arucas, therefore, enjoyed a period that lasted three decades of unthinkable prosperity […]

Rum Distillery

The Rum Distillery: Say “Fábrica de Ron Arehucas” – Arucas Part 9

Arehucas – The Rum Distillery Destilerías Arehucas SA, the canarian rum distillery based in Arucas, Gran Canaria, was founded by Mr Alfonso Gurié Álvarez on the 9th August 1884, who reaped for the first time from his own cane sugar harvest in February 1885. The distillery focuses on the production of a wide range of […]

Arucas Difference between saber and conocer

Arucas between the 17th and 19th Centuries

Arucas Between the 17th and 19th Centuries The rise of the cane sugar industry during the 16th Century in The Canary Islands as a whole was always going to be short lived. It however, proved to last almost the whole Century, until the conquest of the so-called “new world” resulted in the production of large […]

Primogeniture of Arucas

The Primogeniture of Arucas – Arucas Part 5

‘El Mayorazgo de Arucas’, translated into English as The Primogeniture of Arucas. It was an institution set up by Pedro Cerón, which ensured economic development at a time when the market was about to make a sudden shift.  His full name was Pedro Cerón y Ponce de León, born in Seville in 1515. He was the son of […]

Difference between por and para

The difference between Por and Para – Arucas Part 4

As you know there is a huge difference between por and para in Spanish even though both these words mean ‘for’. So which do you use and when? Let me tell you, last Saturday we organised a guided tour for a good number of people who wanted to practice their Spanish in real situations. So […]

Patron Saint

How to say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish

So how do you say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish? The answer is not that different from the English. In fact if you apply a Spanish accent on the word ‘patron’, you will find that you have said it. Do not forget that the church in Arucas built in a neogothic style carries his […]

Arucas Difference between saber and conocer

Arucas Series Part 2 – The difference between Saber and Conocer

Arucas Series Part 2 – The Difference between Saber and Conocer Do you know what is the difference between saber and conocer when both words mean to know? The difference between saber and conocer is in the video below, so I will not ruin it for you. Besides, you will understand the difference through the […]