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Our Vision

Gran Canaria is a world in miniature, where Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans and the local Canarian people come together to share this limited space in one island. Just like in today’s global society we have to cope with different people from different walks of life and different cultures, we also have to be able to speak at least a second language to survive.

Many people get stuck into an area such as Puerto Rico or Playa del Inglés for example, disregarding other amazing parts of the island, because they do not feel they have the necessary confidence to visit these places due to their lack of Spanish.

The telephone contracts, rental agreements, conversations at the police station or at the town hall are but few examples where you need your Spanish even if everywhere else in your neighbourhood English is spoken.

Meeting locals as well as expats is a good way to feel settled, especially when you work and live in the island.

We bring different cultures together to better understand each other, whether it is in a social setting or when conducting business by improving your language skills.