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Guided Tours

Guided Tours
In Santiago de Tunte

Welcome to the Guided Tours Page!

Have you ever had the feeling that the tour guide only explains where you are and the leaves you to your devices? Do you get the feeling that you are rushed from pillar to post so it can all be done on time? Would you like to get a better feel for where you are and what you see?

So how are we different from the rest?

  1. We don’t only show you the spectacular flora and fauna available in Gran Canaria. You get an attentive guide, knowledgeable in the history of the place, village or area that you will visit.
  2. You get any question answered regarding the trip or any other matter that you want to ask anytime, while you take in the island’s jaw dropping landscapes.
  3. We take you to the best restaurant in the area at very affordable prices, sit and eat with you, and tend to your every need during the day, so all you have to do is relax and have fun.
  4. Give you plenty of opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish, so you get an all round positive experience.

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