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Early History

The Early History of Gran Canaria

In early history, Canarians from Gran Canaria, from the time of the Roman Empire were called the ‘Canarii’ and those from Tenerife were called ‘Guanches’. Each island had its own rulers, and in Gran Canaria, which they called Tamaran kings were known as Guanarteme. When Spanish troops came to conquer Gran Canaria in 1478 they […]

Castellano And Canario

The difference between ‘Castellano’ and ‘Canario’

If you have ever wondered whether there are many noticeable differences between castellano and canario when both refer to the same common language read right to the end and it will become very clear to you. There are quite a few, some of which are more noticeable than others. As mentioned in The Canarian Accent […]

Canarian Accent

The Canarian Accent

The Canarian Accent Any foreigner who has lived in the UK, Norway, Denmark or Sweden long enough, will tell you how aware they became, quite early on, of the vast amount of different accents that still exist in each one of these countries. For example, while in the British Isles you could come across the […]