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Spanish Conversation Meeting 16.2

Online Spanish Conversation Meeting 16.2

Welcome to the Online Spanish Conversation Meeting 16.2!

Are you uncomfortable when you want to try a course and you are asked for a lump sum of money without knowing whether it will meet your expectations?
How about having a say on topics relevant to you at your level?
Would you like to meet your potential teacher in a safe and relaxed environment without live online a cent?
Do you prefer the learning methods to be on your terms?

Just join us on Google Meet totally free at the online Spanish conversation meeting 16.2 at 18:30 for an hour, to start improving your spanish conversation from the comfort of your own sofa and join people who are ready to help you take your Spanish to the next level!
Tuesday’s topic: ¿En que momento crees tu que la salud y el dinero forman parte el uno del otro?¿Por qué?
See you there! ¡Nos vemos!

Ohh and lest we forget, would you like to have a say about which topics should be prioritized on the next meetings? Just join Mogan’s Spanish Conversation Club. Your Club to improve your Spanish among people like yourself!

Do you feel you need a confidence boost and would like to find out more about our lessons? Just click here to see how we can help you navigate through your Spanish

Spanish Conversation Meeting 16.2


  1. Hi there
    I would like to join the spanish online conversation tomorrow if possible?
    Thank you

    1. Of course you can Linda I look forward to it! Remember the meeting is on Google Meet: . Let me know how else I’m able to help 🙂

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