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Spanish Conversation Meeting

Puerto Rico Spanish Conversation Meeting 9th April

We are looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday 9th April at the Spanish Conversation Meeting!

Don’t forget that it is at 2pm in the Taj Palace Portonovo.

We are ten members now at the FREE Spanish conversation meeting, which means everyone gets to have more of a say. So, now that we are in April, this will be our last meeting before Easter. Therefore, if you are still around after Easter Monday, I strongly suggest that you come to begin practicing before it gets too late. This will give you some confidence to practice now and improve before summer. Remember that you have helped the group to become increasingly popular and that Spring is about to start. This, therefore, is your opportunity to improve your Spanish at no extra cost now while you can, so why don’t you come?

This is your chance to improve your Spanish, while you enjoy a drink, chat and also let others have a say.
Next week’s topic is: ¿Crees que los coches híbridos son necesarios y efectivos o es solo una nueva estrategia para tener que comprar otro? (Do you believe that hybrid cars are needed and effective or is it just another strategy to get us to buy another one?)
All levels welcome!

If you wish to network with people in the area who are learning Spanish just like you, find useful articles about the next meeting for further preparation and see which mistakes were made last meeting to avoid them going forward, join our group by clicking here.

Do you feel you need a confidence boost to take part in these meetings? Click here to find out how we can help you improve your level!

Spanish Conversation Meeting
Meeting 9th April
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