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Primogeniture of Arucas

The Primogeniture of Arucas – Arucas Part 5

‘El Mayorazgo de Arucas’, translated into English as The Primogeniture of Arucas. It was an institution set up by Pedro Cerón, which ensured economic development at a time when the market was about to make a sudden shift. 

His full name was Pedro Cerón y Ponce de León, born in Seville in 1515. He was the son of the Governor of Gran Canaria Martín Hernandez Cerón and direct descendant of the prince Don Juan Manuel, brother to King Alfonso X. He married a lady called Sofia de Santa Gadea, who was a descendant of Spanish and French knights. As soon as they married he received many assets, in addition to those he inherited from his in laws and those he purchased.

The reason for founding the Primogeniture of Arucas, as its name suggests, was to favour the primogenitor (eldest child to inherit the wealth of a family) in the event of the death of the landlord or asset owner. This meant that there was only one single owner of the land and other valuable assets, who would be responsible for the family’s welfare and status. Mr Cerón and the other founding members did not have any successors. They, therefore, decided to make his nephew Martín Fernández Cerón the sole heir of the Promigeniture of Arucas, as a result of the premature death of his older brothers.

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Primigeniture of Arucas
Arucas park and Square
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