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Difference between por and para

The difference between Por and Para – Arucas Part 4

As you know there is a huge difference between por and para in Spanish even though both these words mean ‘for’. So which do you use and when?

Let me tell you, last Saturday we organised a guided tour for a good number of people who wanted to practice their Spanish in real situations. So we took them from Puerto Rico up to the Vecindario market in the morning. Through Santa Lucía and San Bartolomé (Las Tirajanas), Tunte, Fataga and back to the coast by 5 o’clock. In your opinion, which one would you use to say ‘they did a tour through the Tirajanas’, ‘por’ or ‘para’?

Ellos hicieron un tour _____ Las Tirajanas.

To find out about the answer watch the following videos:



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Difference between por and para
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