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How to say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish

So how do you say Patron Saint of Arucas in Spanish?

The answer is not that different from the English. In fact if you apply a Spanish accent on the word ‘patron’, you will find that you have said it. Do not forget that the church in Arucas built in a neogothic style carries his name and the hermitage built in the early 16th Century was named after him too.

Yes of course! The Patron Saint is called ‘San Juan’, you might say. However, be sure to pronounce it correctly with as good as a Spanish accent as you can muster. For correct pronunciation here are the phonetical sounds ‘sahn hoo-ahn’.

Make sure to click on the video to learn on one side some Spanish and on the other vital information about the history of this amazing town in Gran Canaria.

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Arucas' Patron Saint
Montaña de Arucas

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