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Complete and guided learning 
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Listen, understand and recognize your problem and demands to arrive at a personalized solution.

Always at
your comfort!

In a relaxed atmosphere to achieve maximum performance with the least effort.

Open lessons
& flexible learning!

To solve on the spot questions about the language even if they are outside the scope of the class.

Having fun
focussing on speaking!

Whithout forgetting the language’s structure.


Maximum performance with the least effort. 

thanks to a smart, flexible, highly personalized and innovative teaching, built around you.


Smart lessons
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Practical use of
language in real life!

Special focus on spoken language in usual contexts to improve your daily conversations.


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lesson lasts
50 minutes

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lesson lasts
50 minutes

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lesson lasts
50 minutes

No need to buy materials to join our courses.

We'll send you all you need!

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I learned Spanish faster than I thought I would..! The lessons are practical and adapted to my needs. I am a little shy to speak and scared to make mistakes. Diego built it up slowly. I had never expected I would come to a point where I can understand most Spanish and speak enough to be able to express myself easily, in a little over half a year.
Pieter Doesburg
Faster than I thought..
I have been having Spanish lessons with Diego for the past month and would highly recommend his classes. He is very patient and encouraging, and each lesson is tailored to your needs. Thank you Diego for all your help so far.
Keeley Smith
Highly Recommended
When I started the Spanish classes with Diego, I could say si, no, gracias and una cerveza, por favor. Diego has done a great job teaching me, (a mix of hearing- and reading comprehension with video pods) words, phrases and some grammar based on the knowledge I already had. The 1 to 2 teaching suited me perfectly. Thank you so much, Diego!
Miche Turner
The 1 to 2 teaching suited me perfectly
I have been doing intensive Spanish with Diego for 5 weeks and am now able to have in-depth conversations about most topics with his guidance and suggestions about which phrases to use to express what I want to say. As Diego has native English, I can quickly get translations for any idiomatic/casual expressions I need and Diego also emails me a written summary from his laptop of key vocab used in the lesson so nothing is lost in the moment.
Mark Illingworth
Nothing is lost in the moment
I have been taking Spanish lessons with Diego for a year now. I started with a decent knowledge of Spanish words but no idea how to construct sentences to speak the language very well. After a year, my ability to listen and speak has vastly improved and I can now comfortably talk amongst others. If you live and work in a non Spanish environment, I definitely recommend Diego to help you learn, practice and maintain your Spanish skills. Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda Diego!!
Sam Williams
I can now comfortably talk amongst others
The classes have really improved my confidence speaking Spanish; the last couple of weeks I have had a few compliments about how good my Spanish sounds and it is from the confidence your classes have given me.
I have spoken to people when I was in Tenerife overnight in Spanish, at the airport, and on planes. When you said I was an advanced student I was really proud you thought that, and it has given me confidence to talk more.
Sian Faire
I have had a few compliments about how good my Spanish sounds
I have been taking lessons with Diego for 3 months now. I found him very patient and knowledgeable about the Spanish language. His classes are personalized to each student, so all levels can learn. I knew a lot of Spanish words but Diego has helped and taught me how to put the sentence together which gave me the confidence to speak out loud 10/10.
Leighan Woods
Diego has given me the confidence to speak out loud
Having a business in Gran Canaria, it’s mandatory to be able to communicate with the local community. Having tried for a couple of years to learn Spanish through self-study I was ready to give up. Thanks to Puerto Rico Language Centre, I got into the basics in just a couple of months and am already having my first conversations. I look forward to using this foundation for the years to come.
Joris De Witte
I was ready to give up
I started Spanish lessons with Diego on Skype about 7 months ago and I am delighted with my progress. Diego is very patient, and very clear at explaining things, several times when necessary. It was a pleasure to meet Diego on a recent trip to Puerto Rico, and take some lessons with him there. After a very nervous start, I got quite confident at talking to people, ordering food and drinks in restaurants, and asking for what I wanted in shops. I would totally recommend Diego to people of all levels and abilities, and look forward to advancing my own Spanish over the next few months.
Lynn Evans
Spanish Lessons with Diego on Skype
I would highly recommend Diego to anyone looking to learn Spanish or improve on what they already know. He will adapt his way of teaching to suit your way of learning. Great teacher.
Claire Hughes
Great teacher
As a complete novice when I started Diego has done a great job teaching me the basics. He has great patience and explains things well. The 1 to 1 tuition was perfect for me although he will teach groups if required.
Ian Mawer
A great job
Just finished an intensive course with Diego and I was well impressed. For my particular goals to improve my Spanish, Diego combined reading news articles aloud (pronunciation y comprehension), watching short films in Spanish (comprehension) and casual dialog (pronunciation and conversational Spanish).
As a Canarian having studied/living/working in London for more than 10 years, Diego is able to completely top-notch in explaining common phrases that are typically mistranslated to their literal form. I highly recommend his services.
Brian Jenkins
I was well impressed...
I have been having lessons with Diego for 6 months & I find him a patient, understanding & knowledgable teacher. The lessons have been studious but very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend him.
Sandra Mcquaid
Knowledgeable Teacher
I've been taking Spanish lessons with Diego since last October. His classes are completely personalised and based on reading articles on internet, watching videos or just talking... no boring grammar exercises. Thanks to him my spanish improved very quickly and I'm looking forward to start again next week after the holidays!
Francine Berger
Classes are completely personalised

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